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About The Farm

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The Rookery
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Saratoga Fair 2017
Spring Ramble
Tank Love
Cabins At Lake Desolation
Sassy Rhea
Misty Morning
The Waterfall

The Farm

We are a small educational farm hidden deep in the woods of the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Middle Grove New York, just 25 minutes from downtown Saratoga Springs.


My children and I decided we were a farm in May of 2016 after bringing our first 5 goats home.  All of the construction and maintenance on the property is done by myself and the kids. Both kids share the farm responsibilities and help to make it all possible. I just keep it all running smoothly and back up all operations here in the woods.  Photographer, farmer, wilderness guide, carpenter, all depends on the day or the season what hat I am wearing.  What I always am is “mom” so that tends to fill in a lot of titles and comes first to most things in life.


We explore and enjoy our 15 acres of wooded property as well as the hundreds of acres of fields, forest, and wetlands surrounding our farm. We live in harmony with the nature and the woodland creatures.


We thrive using holistic and organic practices for our animals, family, and property.


Just 1 mile through the woods by trail you can relax, swim, and paddle in the beautiful Lake Desolation and have lunch at Tinney’s Tavern on their deck overlooking the lake.  We have cabins for seasonal rentals available as well

visit for more information.


Into The Woods Farm offers a variety of programming, products, and experiences both at the farm and at off site locations.


The Animals

We have a small herd of 15 Nigerian Dwarf Goats all with names and distinct voices.  The herd has been raised with constant human contact which has led them to be gentle and kind to folks of all ages.  This has allowed them to be welcomed to many different local events including festivals, yoga with goats, gatherings, and the county fair.  Our herd is vet checked and tested annually to keep them in good health.


A flock of healthy, happy, northeast hardy chickens who lay beautiful colored eggs and are an endless means of entertainment.  The wander the property eating pesky bugs creating a better environment for us all.


Home to 4 dogs, Rogan a Siberian Indian Dog, Kite, Faelyn, & Lark our Australian Shepherds who jobs are to keep the woodland predators at bay and protect the property.


A farm cat named Grimm keeps our rodent population down and greets guest upon arrival. Hundreds of acres of wetlands, fields, and forests surround our 15 acre wooded farm.


WHAT WE OFFER~ Our programming includes but is not limited to:



  • Wilderness, Nature, & Outdoor Experiential Education day programs for adults and children, kids camps, group events, and field trips.

  • Farm Therapeutic and Education Workshops and Activities including farm visits, Yoga with Goats, and animal therapy hikes.

  • Locally sourced products for sale in our Farm Store

  • Independent Living Workshops

  • Photography Services

  • Private Events upon request.





My life goal~

To make a living, living the life we have grown to love, and to create a place for education through experiences for the greater good of others.

Founder~ Phaedra Zoe Stasyshyn

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