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Well besides being a breath-taking, smile-inducing fitness trend sweeping the nation since 2016, where you do a slow, Gentle Yoga Class with Christine Riccio - RYT 500 or Tristin Hoatling and our herd of adorable goats wandering around...

It is different things for different people. It has been described as “calm”, "therapy", “zen", and just plain “happiness.” However, there is one recurrent description…” unexpected.” Unexpected certainly describes goats. Then add in yoga and see what happens.

Yoga with Goats is Animal-Assisted Therapy in a natural setting with an unexpectedly (there’s that word again) smart, social, and profoundly cuddly animal. It’s not a cancer cure, but it is an unbelievable distraction from politics, work, stress, sickness, and depression.


Updated Farm Goat Yoga dates2024!

Mother's Day Sunday May 12th 10:00-11:30am

Goat Yoga at Into The Woods Farm

Goats, Yoga & Nature 


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Yoga with Goats is about disconnecting with day to day life.  Some  folks claim yoga with goats lowers blood pressure, helps with depression, reduces anxiety, and helps you to focus on positive and happy vibes.  It really is next to impossible to stay serious when you see a goat do their little sideways hop or rear up when playing with their herdmates.  Goats also induce a calming effect due to their relaxed personalities and gentle ways.


Into The Woods Farm herd has proven themselves as the perfect Goat Yoga ambassadors during their yoga sessions and various public events with children, adults and the elderly during 2016  thru present.  They interact in a way that is gentle and engaging without overwhelming you.

We offer 1-2 public classes per month May thru October of a slow, Gentle Goat Yoga class with Christine Riccio - RYT 500  or Tristin Hoatling. All classes are 45 minutes-1 hour in length and include 1/2 hour of goat snuggling, mingling and photos.  Class price is $30/ person advanced purchase required.  Go here to purchase

Home of Goat Yoga In The Woods NY 

Reserve your spot now for Goat Yoga at
Into The Woods Farm
Just 25 minutes from Saratoga Springs!

Mother's Day Sunday May 12th 10:00-11:30am

Book Now! Taking reservations for private events, school or work groups, or parties. 
Public Farm events offered monthly 1-2x/ month $30-35/person
May through October/November weather permitting

Fossil Stone Winery! Stay Tuned
Fantastic way to support small family run local businesses.
Events sell out well in advance so RESERVE EARLY! 

GOAT YOGA at local YMCA Locations with us offered all season dates TBD 


  • Goat Yoga can differ from farm to farm.  At Into The Woods Farm  our goats are in their natural element surrounded by acres of forest land.  Our goats love to engage with people and their happiness shows as they frolick with their herd mates. 

  • Our goats do not wear diapers or costumes.  They do wear collars when needed  it makes it easier to move them around if needed.

  • Our goats are all ages as we are not breeding goats to have "baby goats aka kids" for yoga classes.  Our goats are bred to allow us to provide milk for our family and "kids" happen to be a fantastic bonus.  All of our goats are dam raised (raised by their mother) or bottle fed if deemed necessary and handled daily by our family and friends.  Whether they are dam raised or bottle fed (if needed) they are all extremely friendly and loving.  We allow our goats to be goats.  They eat hay when they want, sleep with their herd mates, play when they wish and lounge in the sunshine on their many platforms.

  • All of our goats have been around people of all ages and have proven to be gentle and kind with both the very young and the elderly.  

  • Our yoga experience will begin or end with a walk with the goats to allow you to watch how they move and observe them in an environment where they are free to roam, jump, and play.  You will observe them nibbling plants and brush along the trails, avoiding water at all cost, and hopping on every log and rock that they find. 

  • Before and after class we are happy to answer questions and share our methods and knowledge with you.  If we can't answer for you we will find out through many of our wonderful mentors.  Also check out our Goat Facts information page to learn more. 

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