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4H Program
Into The Woods and Under The Sky 4H

The framework of Into The Woods & Under The Sky 4H...


I wanted to create a program that is not a "babysitter or camp" but a lifelong  love of learning about the outdoors and nature at its finest. I would like to introduce and continue to nurture the love of the Earth, nature, and everything that represents our "true" life source.


I have been working with children for about 20 years from preschool assistant, babysitter, wilderness instructor/counselor, and my finest accomplishment, Mom.  I love to watch all types of children thrive in the outdoors.  


Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall she is always out there waiting to show you all she has to offer.  Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and of course Spirit is all a part of what make us as human beings whole. In the day and time of today we are dangerously removed from that. There is a real sense of disconnect and a need to bring people back to things of true importance.  


I always ask myself and my children, " If technology disappeared tomorrow what would be the outcome? How about if the Earth and animals were to vanish?" The answer is common sense (of which there is an extreme shortage of as well) but it still does not seem to register in the majority of peoples minds.  So much we live for today does not really matter, but we continue wasting one more day striving for those things and life is slipping away.


Children are much less tainted let's say and seem to be far more open. They don't have the everyday burdens of life weighing them down so they are far more open to learning and exploring, and then in turn teaching.


I have been actively seeking out different avenues in which to do what I love, raise my kids, and help the greater good.  I have been challenged by time, kids, life, and money but have continued to explore options. 


I had really set my mind towards it this spring,  I tested and received my NYS Guides License again, researched insurance options, taken a few refresher courses, kept my First Aid and CPR current, explored programming venues, and started to develop a plan.  Along the way 4H was introduced to me and being an organized and highly regarded program I decided to investigate it more.

Our group is child run, but adult lead.  I asked the kids if I could name the group allowing me to, in the future blend my plan and our group that is created.  


Into the Woods & Under the Sky" is a general interest group including but not limited to, all season outdoor education and exploration, (possible) counselor in training, photography, animals, archery (coming soon), Experiential/ Adventure education, crafts, and any other ideas the kids come up with.

We are planning on having our group represented at the Saratoga County Fair in July with crafts, goats, poultry, and photography.  


4H membership is $5 per year and our group has decided on the annual dues 0f $20.00 per child. Please contact Cornell Cooperative Extension with membership and club options.


If you are interested please either let me know and I can meet you with paperwork, you can go to the website(below) and print and fill it out, or give me a call with your information and I can do it for you.


Thank you for taking the time to "listen" and if you feel this would appeal to you, your family or others please feel free to forward me their information and I can contact them.

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